The bicycle dated in fact from 1839 near the start of the Victoria’s reign, when the Scottish Blacksmith Kirkpatrick Macmillan devised a primitive machine of wood and iron propelled by two foot-driven cranks. The “vehicle of healthful happiness” gave thousands of young people a new freedom and mobility. Read more about Track Cycling

Ghana Track Cycling

Sports in Ghana, has seen emphasis on more traditional field and track sports such as running, football, boxing and almost non-existent of non-traditional sports such as water sports, motoring sports and other indoor sporting types.

21st Century, Sport Comes of Age

The ever growing array of non-traditional sports was no less representative of the 21st century age, these sports, like traditional favourites such as football or soccer proved good to watch as well as participate for competition and country representation.

The appetite for sport was fed in other ways- no self- respecting city, Glasgow was complete without the Velodrome for instance- among the most astonishing of which was the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome, after the success of Sir Chris Hoy, the six times Olympic Champion and ten times World Champion in Track Cycling sports. The sports has since drawn millions of spectators in the UK and reached fanatical levels around the globe.

Ghana Track Cycling HistoryGhana Track Cycling was born in September 2013 in Glasgow and is affiliated to Ghana Cycling Federation, the governing body of Cycling in Ghana and part of UCI.

Though expensive sport in terms of equipment and management, enthusiasm, passion, and a sense of national pride, these challenging and limitation factors did not deter a group of Ghanaian nationalists. Mr Samuel Ocrako was very influential in supporting the idea, even so Mr Chief S. Chebe a businessman and opinion leader in Glasgow encouraged Mr Sean Dyantyi to take the project on, by using his business acumen and contacts to source for local business support, sporting organisations and funding to undertake the project. The project is part of main sponsor, a property management company.

Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games

Mr Jedidiah Amoako-Ackah, a great sporting talent changed his career from Judo, boxing and football to take on Track Cycling Sports. He will be participating the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. For the first, time Ghana will be having a representation in Track Cycling sports.

To celebrate the Commonwealth Games Glasgow 2014, Honorary Consul Dr C. Aryiko, Ghanaian Businessmen, Opinion leaders, Ghanaians living in Scotland and UK wide have given their moral, financial support to Mr Jedidiah Amoako-Ackah to take part in this sport not only for sporting reasons but to create awareness within Ghanaian communities that there are opportunities in other non-traditional sports