Ghana Track Cycling project was started in Glasgow by a group of Ghanaian residents living in Scotland UK. The project is to inspire Ghanaians sporting talents to undertake non-traditional sports such us swimming, Archery, motor sports, cycling, canoeing, snooker and other sports which are not popular among many communities in Ghana.

Ghana’ Track Cycling Club was born in September 2013, Glasgow. It was sentiment, realism and hard common sense- that the management of Property Catalogue to sponsor Mr Jedidiah Amoako-Ackah who was inspired by Sir Chris Hoy to develop his sporting talent in Track Cycling.

But this was not only purely, sentimental and corporate visions in developing sports but sense of patriotism and pride that Glasgow based Ghanaian businessmen and opinion leaders have had to support this idea.

Though expensive sport in terms of equipment and management, enthusiasm, passion, and a sense of national pride, these challenging and limitation factors did not deter the Ghanaian nationalists. Mr Samuel Ocrako was very influential in supporting the idea, even so Mr Chief S. Chebe a businessman and opinion leader in Glasgow encouraged Mr Sean Dyantyi to take the project on, by using his business acumen and contacts to source for local business support, sporting organisations and funding to undertake the project.

Property Catalogue Project

Property Catalogue the main sponsor of the project is in support of the government and people of Ghana effort at providing social housing for the many Ghanaians living home and abroad, provision of social amenities like shopping centres, schools, hospitals, market stores, private housing and business property under the Shared Equity Scheme Ghana. For Property Catalogue as the wheel of the track bike rolls on the tracks at the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games, it marks the beginning of its project in support of the effort of Ghanaians.

For Ghana, 2014 Commonwealth Games will be history, for millions of Ghanaians living home and abroad from Accra to the remotest part of the country to San Francisco U.S.A, Tottenham London and all over the Globe, they would certainly never forget this sporting event.

At the same time, there will be astonishing inspiration in sports and optimism for the future development of non-traditional sports for the country, which would inspire generations born and unborn.